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2019-2020 By the Numbers

Better intelligence brings about better outcomes. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute uses several indicators to track its performance under the PATIENT SAFETY RIGHT NOW strategy and 2018-2023 Business Plan. Our Performance Measurement Framework establishes the indicators to measure intended outcomes. This year, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute met or surpassed many of the output targets established for 2019 and began reporting on immediate and intermediate outcomes over the term of the business plan.

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This By the Numbers summary provides an overview of the uptake of tools and resources, and participation in improvement collaboratives, campaigns, education events, and committees that translate knowledge and spread evidence-informed practices for safe care, and build capabilities of patients, providers, leaders and policymakers.


Current Performance


Outputs Immediate Outcomes Intermediate Outcomes
Projects launched
Total: 4
Target: 3-4 (2019)
Teams improving patient safety practices as a percentage of total teams participating in SIP projects
Total: 38%
Target: 70-80% (Continuous)
Teams sustaining improvement as a percentage of teams that showed initial improvement
Total: 82%
Target: 70-80% (Continuous)
Teams involved in projects
Total: 29
Target: 20 (2019)
Teams improving patient safety outcomes as a percentage of total teams participating in SIP projects
Total: 38%
Target: 60-80% (Continuous)
Organizations committed to scaling improvements as a percentage of teams that showed initial improvement
Total: 64%
Target: 40-50% (Continuous)
Organizations involved in projects
Total: 24
Target: 15 (2019)
  Organizations committed to spreading improvements
Total: 7
Target: 8-10 (2023)
Jurisdictions involved in projects
Total: 9
Target: 8 (2019)
Projects complete
Total: 1
Target: 0 (2019)

Projects Launched

Significant progress is being made in the four national-scale Safety Improvement Projects (Improvement Collaboratives) launched in the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019. The Safety Improvement Projects use a Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement Integrated Learning Design. As teams work toward completion of their individual projects, further reporting will be made on practice changes, increased awareness and use of our knowledge products.

146 participants representing 29 teams, 24 organizations and nine jurisdictions across Canada participating in four Safety Improvement Projects (18-month Collaborative extended to October 2020)

19,173 activities and 1,863 posts from 225 accounts on the Safety Improvement Projects Learning Management system

103 customized data collection instruments in the reporting platform to support project teams


Current Performance


Behavioural Change Campaigns

Outputs Ultimate Outcomes
Campaigns underway or complete
Total: 5
Target: 2-3 (2019)
Public self-reporting of knowledge of patient safety as a healthcare issue
Total: 31% (2018)
Target: 20-30% increase (2023)
Webinar participants
Total: 7,789
Target: 6,000-8,000 (2019)

These behavioural change campaigns are examples of Canadian Patient Safety Institute strategies to strengthen commitment and demonstrate what works:

Conquer Silence

12.0 million impressions garnered through Conquer Silence media coverage in 60 publications

331,000 viral reach through digital ads

189,493 page views and 14,391 events (submit/record/listen) on the Conquer Silence microsite

226 patient harm stories shared

Canadian Patient Safety Week

8.1 million Twitter impressions (2,448 tweets - a 21 per cent increase over last year)

7.8 million audience reach through nine articles featuring CPSW and CPSI

2.3 million impressions and 500,000 consumers reached per month through doctor office ads

140,383 impressions through Facebook digital ads, with a viral reach of 46,799 people

30,753 viral reach through Facebook comments, shares and reactions

1,319 total participants in three webinars hosted during CPSW

1,405 downloads of the PATIENT podcast

421 radio stations played public service announcements in 202 markets

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day 2019

4.6 million impressions garnered through media releases printed in 63 publications

1.3 million Twitter impressions (220 tweets/109 participants)

15,967 page views of

894 participants registered for Clean Hands Conversations

700 downloads of Patient podcasts

415 webinar registrants and 209 attendees

World Patient Safety Day

180 attendees at live screening of To Err is Human and an online audience of 2,177 at 827 sites watching simultaneously

Top provinces for streaming: 180 Alberta sites, 187 Ontario sites, and 55 Manitoba sites

Top 10 mentions globally, by tweets and impressions for #worldpatientsafetyday and #ToErrIsHuman

1.9 million impressions of #ToErrIsHuman from 621 tweets


1,533 registrants for the Creating a Safe Space webinar series

539 registrants for two Patients for Patient Safety Canada webinars

146 average number of attendees at each of six medication safety exchange webinars hosted with ISMP Canada


Current Performance


Outputs Immediate Outcomes Intermediate Outcomes
Knowledge Products Developed
Total: 72
Target: 20-25 (2019)
Awareness of Knowledge Products
Total: 70% (approximate)
Target: 87% (20-30% increase by 2023)
Behaviour Change from Knowledge Products
Total: 50% (approximate)
Target: 50-60% (2023)
Teams involved in projects
Total: 29
Target: 20 (2019)
Use of Knowledge Products
Total: 40% (approximate)
Target: 50% (20-30% increase by 2023)

Knowledge Translation

883,994 page views of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute website

75,866 PDF resources downloaded

28,801 page views and 14,779 downloads of educational support modules for Mandatory reporting of serious adverse drug reactions and medical device incidents by hospitals

12,236 page views and 1,093 downloads of Enhanced Recovery Canada resources

7,153 page views of #SHIFTtalks and #SuperSHIFTER articles

6,411 page views and 1,294 PDF downloads of the Patient Safety Culture Bundle / 1,335 downloads of the Infographic

5,426 page views of Deteriorating Patient Condition resources and 351 downloads of Top 10 Warning Signs

2,616 page views of the Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health and Social Services

Capability Building

200 attendees at the Atlantic Learning Exchange

133 participants total at three Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety courses

70 managers and frontline providers from Indigenous Services Canada completed Incident Management training

54 participants attended a TeamSTEPPS Canada Master Training event

48 participants at the Advancing Safety for Patients in Residency Education (ASPIRE) course

35 participants at the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course

Policy Impact

Current Performance


Policy, Standards and Regulatory Recommendations

Policy, Standards & Regulatory Bodies targeted
Total: 13/44*
Target: 15-20 (2019)
Submissions to targeted Policy, Standards, and Regulatory Bodies
Total: 1/40**
Target: 3/4 (2019)

*13 of the total 44 Policy, Standards & Regulatory Bodies targeted relate to Policy Impact initiatives
**1 of the total 40 targeted Policy, Standards & Regulatory Bodies receiving recommendations relates to Policy Impact initiatives

These key actions were undertaken to influence policy, regulations and standards that will ultimately strengthen commitment and ensure evidence-informed patient safety practices are adopted by individuals and organizations:

3,929 page views and 231 downloads of Creating a Safe Space: Psychological Safety of Healthcare Workers (Peer to Peer Support)

1,085 page views and 217 downloads of Strengthening Commitment for Improvement Together: A Policy Framework for Patient Safety

28,427 page views of the Hospital Harm Measure and Hospital Harm Improvement Resource

822 downloads of the Hospital Harm Improvement Resource

211 downloads of the Hospital Harm Analytic Report, Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals

5 Patient Safety Roundtable meetings held with patient partners and Ministries of Health

Global Patient Safety Alerts

17,822 page views, 12,437 summary page views and 3,112 full alerts views

180 new alerts and 770 recommendations added to Global Patient Safety Alerts

100 countries with Global Patient Safety Alerts users


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has established national alignment and commitments to address priorities, and solve patient safety challenges. The Alliances and Networks stream primarily supports our policy influence and outreach work through Patients for Patient Safety Canada and HSO, and enhances international and regional collaboration.

208 sites registered to complete the Medication Safety Self-Assessment: Focus on “Never Events”

98 contributions by Patients for Patient Safety Canada members to patient safety programs, policies and/or practices – estimated more than 5,000 volunteer hours invested

68 volunteer Patients for Patient Safety Canada members, 20 of whom have volunteered 10+ years

46 Patient for Patient Safety Canada members achieved the WHO Champion designation

20 Canadian organizations partnered in the Patient Alliance for Patient Safety

17 teams participated in the Atlantic Health Quality and Patient Safety Collaborative Virtual Patient Engagement Collaborative

Consultation with patients and families, health providers, organizational leaders, policymakers and others on a National Framework to Put Patients First

Learn more about our work in each of the lines of business outlined in this Annual Report.